Wednesday, September 17, 2008

a good cause...

embellished onesie, bib and burp cloth
detail of the bib

sock monkey quilt
the whole quilt

backed with white chenille

Recently I came across a blog from a mother. An amazing mother. A mother named Nie Nie or Stephanie Nielson. Her blog is no more than of her life as a mother, and it is the most inspiring blog I've yet to read. On August 16th, Nie and her husband were in a terrible private plane crash that claimed the life of the pilot and left them critically burned. Stephanie over 80% of her body. They are the parents of 4 adorable children. Please follow the buttons on the left of my blog to read more about this truly amazing story. On September 23 and 24, Etsy will be hosting a Nie Sale. ALL proceeds will go to Stephanie and Christian Nielson and their family. These are the items that I chose to donate. If you are interested in them, I encourage you to purchase them through this event. It is really a great cause!! Thank you so much...thank you!

p.s. as always my photos leave alot to be desired.

also...cjane is her sister with updates on the Nielson's and Nie Nie's blog is

the shop where the sale will be on the 23rd and 24th is I'm sure the amount of talent that will be featured, will be awesome. Thanks again!